10 DIY Reasons Not To Throw Out Your Old T-Shirt.

For most ladies, it seems like every time a new season falls upon us gives us a new excuse to go shopping for new clothes. It’s normal to ignore all the perfectly fine clothes you already have in your closet and go buy new ones. It’s a never ending cycle that’s really hard to break.

It’s not that we need new clothes (because we don’t), it’s more of the desire to have new and different clothes to wear. But obtaining new clothes for your wardrobe doesn’t necessarily mean you have to purchase them.

Instead of ignoring those old t-shirts you no longer have any use for hanging around in the back of your closet, why not try transforming them into something you’d actually want to wear.

Check out some of the t-shirt DIY projects below that are perfect for the summer.

#1. T-Shirt Headbands

If you have a t-shirt that you no longer care for but love the color of, try turning it into a headband! It’ll be great hair accessories for the season.

#2. Lace Insert T- Shirt

Cut any shape you want into the back of your shirt and fill it with lace of your choice. If you don’t know what shape to cut out, this crescent moon looks like a super cute way to go.

#3. Diamond Back T-Shirt

This cool ripped back tee made from a boring over-sized tee is a perfect swimsuit cover-up and super easy to make if you’re good with scissors.

#4. Grommet Shoulder Top

Doesn’t it look like it was bought from the store this way? All you need is an old t-shirt and a eyelet grommet pliers set or a metal grommet trimming. It’s a nice way to show skin some skin without exposing too much.

#5. Side Crocheted Tank

Cut the sides off of a t-shirt you like and sew lace onto the sides of it to give it pizazz. It’ll be a nice upgrade.

Side Crocheted Tank

#6. Lace-Up Side Tank

Just cut off the arms of the t-shirt, cut the sides, snip some small holes, and lace-up the sides with some braided string. Voila!

Lace-Up Side Tank

#7. Lattice Shoulder Cutout Tee

Recreate this fancy lattice look on your t-shirt by cutting vertical lines on the front of your shirt and then stud the pieces together.

#8. Lace Collar Tank

Turn a plain t-shirt into a cute one by adding a lace peter pan collar to it. Simply sew the lace on!

#9. Bow Back Tee

Add a bow to the back of your shirt by cutting out pieces and turning it into a bow and sewing it back onto the back of the shirt afterwards.

#10. Cut-Out Back Tee

Tie-dying a shirt has always been a fun and easy DIY to do but take it up a notch by adding a cut out to the back.

Cut-Out Back Tee