10 Unique Party Ideas…

Theme parties are not just about superheroes and princesses. There are so many options one can choose to celebrate a birthday or a special occasion. You don’t even need a reason to get together with friends; having a theme party and bringing it to life is enough.

Here are 20 theme party ideas that will make everyone want to be on your guest list. You may be surprised at some of the ideas available. #8 is really re-living a favourite childhood outing.

#1. Harry Potter Magic.

Bring the magic of Harry Potter home. Create banners with the four houses insignia. The wise and haunting owls are a must for any party, in addition to your own mysterious concoction brews.

Harry Potter Magic.


#2. Hollywood Glamour.

If you love the glitzy world of the show business, this is the perfect party for you. Oscar and movie reels toppings give any cupcake the glamour touch to help you celebrate. And there are never enough stars when we are going Hollywood.

Hollywood Glamour.


#3. Pink flamingo delights.

Bring the tropics to your yard with flowers and pineapples. This party needs a lot of pastel colours that blend with the pink flamingos.

Pink flamingo delights.


#4. Jungle Party.

Animal prints and lots of greenery will make your guests feel like they are on a safari. Cool signs like “don’t feed the animals” or “beware,” and explorer hats just make this jungle adventure feel real.

Jungle Party.


#5. Bright and glowing parties.

Place star stickers on the wall for a space experience. Glow sticks and bright planet balls will make your party out of this world.

Bright and glowing parties.

#6. It’s 90’s retro party.

This is a throwback to a different time. Serve the most popular and favourite candies from this era. Cassette tapes and cookies with 90’s phrases like “whatever man” and “as if” written on them will be loved by everyone. You can also dress up as your favourite 90’s famous person.

It's 90's retro party.


#7. Sweet snow cone party.

Paint styrofoam balls in bright colours like fuchsia, blue, and yellow. Glue them to a paper cone to make your own shaved ice cones. You can even buy or make your own dessert piñata. Cotton candies on paper cones are a great idea.

Sweet snow cone party.


#8. Carnival time.

The carnival has made a stop at your house. Whether its playing a balloon shoot game or making popcorn, adult and children alike will love this type of party. Remember to have plenty of small winning toys to hand out.

Carnival time.


#9. Luau time.

Make a beautiful umbrella wreath to welcome friends to an island inspired party. Blow-up coconut trees and set a tiki hut to hand out the lei or garlands to all the party goers.

Luau time.


#10. Donut party.

What’s the best way to give homage to your favourite dessert? Do a whole party full of donuts. From the balloons, garlands, and serving containers, it’s all about the ring-style sweet. And for dessert? You guessed it, give out donuts.

Donut party.