Dad begs for help for choking baby on highway but no one stops to help. Then 2 angels arrive

When you have a baby, life can sometimes be unpredictable and even a little scary. Anyone who has had a baby brother or sister (let alone a child of their own) knows all too well the sound of a child choking. Although this isn’t always serious when caught right away, it’s all the more hair-raising when it happens on the highway in the middle of traffic. That was the case for Georgeanna Miera and Jose Rodriguez, a couple out of Albuquerque, New Mexico with a 10-month-old baby.

When the young couple heard their child choking, they tried putting their fingers in his mouth to dislodge whatever was stuck there to no avail. After that, they pulled off to the side of the road and pulled the baby out of his seat, patting him on the back to try and clear his airway. Still, nothing was happening. Rodriguez did his best to flag down any passing drivers to help them but no one stopped. No one, that is, except two people who Rodriguez later described as angels.

As it just so happened, an ambulance was passing by Miera and Rodriguez’s car after just coming off of another call. Seeing the couple’s distress calls, the ambulance pulled over and out of it jumped two EMTs, namely Amy Chapek and Lynn Flores, who didn’t even work in that district. Regardless, the two women were able to intervene and stop the child from choking in the nick of time. Though the little guy’s lips had begun to go blue, everyone breathed a sigh of relief when they heard him start to cry again—his throat was finally clear.

The intervention was essentially a miracle and Miera and Rodriguez understandably wanted to give something back. With the help of a local news network, the couple was able to get in touch with the two women and pay their respects. As EMTs are not allowed to accept cash tips, the couple instead wrote them a check to charity in their name to the tune of $400. Above all, Chapek and Flores said the experience reminded them why they had joined their line of work in the first place.

Stories like these are so incredible because they raise the “what if” question. What if Chapek and Flores hadn’t been driving by at that exact moment on that exact day? What if they had driven by just a little too late? Fortunately everything worked out for the best, but the entire ordeal is a reminder to all of us to spend a little more time looking out for one another. After all, everybody needs a little help at some point.

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